Every Pixel. Every Page.

Southern Napa

Southern Napa is the finest wine store in the south. After they provided me with a collection of photos, I built a simple yet graphic website showcasing their charming property and high-quality products.

American Relight

American Relight was a startup company that financed and retrofitted commercial LED lighting products. I worked with a team to develop a beautiful site that would showcase their catalog of high-end products.


Flantascience is the headquarters for all my entrepreneurial ventures. From oil painting to LED lighting to stand-up comedy, this is my showcase of my finest work.  


MindFreedom International is a mental health activism organization that had a severely out of date website with over 10,000 pages. I redesigned their site and migrated all the content with a new modernized look.

NM Chile Association

The New Mexico Chile Association asked me to rebuild their brand with beautiful visuals that captured the beauty of the NM region and enticed new members to join their organization.

Connective World Energy

My friends at Connective World Energy were looking to build a subscription-based membership platform for them to offer their exclusive video content to their community members 

Open Source High

Open Source High is a peer-to-peer teaching community for high school students. This allows students to submit video lessons, sort them by subject, post comments, and vote for their favorites.

The Foothold ICF

The inventor of the ICF Foothold wanted to sell his product to concrete contractors and DIY enthusiasts through an eCommerce platform featuring videos of his product in action.

Stella & Ruby

A wholesale jewelry company wanted to open up new channels doing retail sales online and I delivered with an elegant, minimalist ecommerce platform showcasing their products.

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a social network using the open source MeteorJS platform, RocketChat, allowing entrepreneurs to discuss personal challenges unique to the self-employed.


As a fellow web designer retired, she asked me to redesign the website for her final client, a medical device company developing nano agents used for treating and imaging brain cancer.

Orbsen Therapeutics

Upon completion of the Arrogene project, the founder also asked me to rebuild the website for his other medical technology company which is developing stromal cell therapies. 

Northern Arborists

Northern Arborist wanted to redesign their site to be mobile-friendly and easy for them to update. I rebuilt their site using a responsive WordPress theme and an easy-to-use pagebuilder plugin.


I built the Peer Unschooling Network to help unschooled teens have a place where they could meet like-minded people in a collaborative and supportive digital community.


Backed by a Reddit-like theme and algorithm, FlashMemes was built as an experiment for Northeastern Illinois University students to see if they could learn effectively by creating and sharing memes.

Wine Care Concepts

WCC wanted to resdesign their site to communicate their value proposition to wholesalers, rather than end-users.  I rebranded their site with a new logo, all new images, and new messaging in their brand new site.

Year after year, groups of psychiatric survivors organize to protest the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.  This website showcases in video their annual appeal for change in the mental health system. wanted an eCommerce site that would showcase their products, promote their useful articles, and present their brand as a safe, secure, and fun place to purchase sex toys without being pornographic.